J.T. Lindroos


I'm affordable, approachable, and I enjoy my work.


  • eBook covers range from $75 to $250
  • complex custom covers range from $300 to $600

Everything is negotiable. I also design posters, postcards, flyers, cds and other promotional materials.

Return customers get price breaks. If you provide me a referral, you'll get 25% off your next cover or a free postcard/flyer/banner design utilizing your cover.

Email me and we can discuss details.


I've designed hundreds of book jackets for independent book publishers. My clients include Viz Media, Four Walls Eight Windows, Prime Books, Crippen & Landru, Night Shade Books, Ministry of Whimsy, and many others.

I've successfully run an independent publishing house, Point Blank Press, and have published, edited, and designed work for Edgar Award winners (crime/mystery genre), World Fantasy Award winners (Fantasy) and Emmy-Award nominees (television).

I've also designed recognition displays, awards and lobby presentations for Fortune 500 and other high profile companies like Lockheed-Martin, BET, Ernst & Young, AAA, NASCAR and many others.

My work has been featured in newspapers and magazines across the globe. My film work has been shown at Irving Plaza in New York. My book design work has been shortlisted for Best of the Year Awards.

Personally, I'm happily married to Kathleen Martin, and I live in Southern Indiana. I'm Finnish-American (I have joint citizenship), and when I have any free time left, I enjoy travel, culture, music and movies. I occasionally conduct interviews and write music and book reviews. My music reviews are available on, All-Music Guide and many other outlets. My book reviews appear irregularly on Bookgasm. I review comics and graphic novels at FA Online.

Occasional design updates, commentary, and links available at

Also, if you prefer wit & wisdom, go visit Kathleen at:

An incomplete list of authors whose books I've designed. Some through the authors themselves, some through their agents, estates or publishers.

Allan Guthrie Edgar Nominee *Theakston Winner*
Amira Aly
Anthony Neil Smith
Barrington J. Bayley BSFA Winner *John W. Campbell/Arthur C. Clarke/Hugo Nominee*
Barry Crowther
Barry Malzberg
Beth Balmanno
Beverly Gray
Bill Moody
Bill Pronzini Edgar Winner *Shamus Winner* McAvity Winner *Anthony Nominee*
Bob Truluck Shamus Winner
Brian Pendreigh
Brian Stableford
Charles Kelly
Charles Stross Locus Winner *Hugo Award Nominee* Arthur C. Clarke Award Nominee
Charles Willeford
Christopher Priest World Fantasy Award Winner *James Tait Black Memorial Prize winner* Arthur C. Clarke Award Winner *BSFA Winner*
Colin Galbraith
Craig McDonald
Damien Seaman
Dave Zeltserman
David Housewright Edgar Winner
David I. Masson
David Langford BSFA Winner *Hugo Award Winner*
Declan Burke
Dennis O'Donnell
DJ Bennett
Donna Moore
Douglas Lindsay
Duane Swierczynski Anthony Winner
E.C. Tubb
Ed Gorman Anthony Winner *McAvity Winner*
Ed Lynskey
Edward D. Hoch Edgar Winner
Eric Brown
Felicity Savage
Frank McAuliffe Edgar Winner
Gary Carson
Gary Phillips
Gerard Brennan
Glenn Erickson
Gordon Van Gelder
Hiten Vyas
HJ Hampson
Hugh B. Cave World Fantasy Lifetime Award Winner
James McKimmey
James Oswald
James Reasoner
James Sallis
Janice Horton
Jeff Shelby
Jeff VanderMeer World Fantasy Award Winner *Nebula Award Nominee* Philip K. Dick Award Nominee
JL Abramo
John Christopher
John J. Gaynard
John Sladek BSFA Winner
JR Tomlin
Keith Brooke
Laura Benedict
Leena Krohn Finlandia Prize Winner *World Fantasy Award Nominee* International Horror Guild Award Nominee
Len Wanner
Liza Cody Anthony Winner
Lono Waiwaiole
Michael Bishop Nebula Award Winner *Arthur C. Clarke Award Nominee*
Michael Kurland
Mike McCrary
Neal Asher
Nigel Bird
O'Neil De Noux
Patrick Chiles
Paul DiFilippo Philip K. Dick Award Nominee
Philip E. High
Ray Banks
Rebecca Burke
Reed Farrel Coleman Shamus Winner
Richard Barre Shamus Winner
Richard Lupoff Nebula Award Winner
Rob Kantner
Rob Kitchin
Robert Silverberg Nebula Award Winner *Hugo Award Winner* Locus Award Winner
Russel D. McLean
Russell James
Sam Hawken
Sarah Singleton
Terrill Lee Lankford
Terry Holland
Tom Piccirilli Stoker Award Winner *Edgar Award Nominee* World Fantasy Award Nominee
Tony Black
Trey R. Barker
Vicki Hendricks
William Rabkin


  • Conceptual Art
  • Design
  • Illustration


  • PhotoShop CS5
  • Illustrator CS5
  • InDesign CS5
  • Freehand MX
  • SketchBook Pro
  • Drawing
  • Illustration
  • Photography