Book covers

An unused eBook cover for bestselling author Allan Guthrie.

An unused eBook cover for bestselling author and filmmaker Terrill Lankford.

Cover featuring my photography and design, utilizing my backyard, a pair of my wife’s shoes, and an empty bottle of wine.

An abstract cover for the bestselling writer and Hollywood legend William Rabkin, in the style of classic film books of the 1960's.

A combination of photography, vintage Japanese art and illustration, all mashed up in photoshop to create the finished piece.

A hand-drawn illustration bolstered by photoshop work.

An illustrated cover in the style of 1960's jazz album covers.

Cover done in photoshop, utilizing a NASA image of the earth with an illustrated spacecraft.

A fun, crazy cover to match the subject. King of the B-Movies. Combination of hand-drawn illustration, old poster art, computer art and photoshop.

A new evocative cover for this bestselling novel – now a feature film – created from several photographs, utilizing photoshop.

Computer art cover, done from scratch.

Combination of hand-drawn illustration and photoshop painting to create the unique look of this new series, done for a Finnish publisher.

Combination of photographs and photoshop art. First in a series.

DVD cover layout utilizing old poster art.

Created in photoshop utilizing several photographs.